UK Sponsors

Information for Sponsors in the UK seeking a Match with a Ukrainian Family.


Register your details as a potential sponsor on the UK Government website:


Potential sponsors then apply for a match by filling out this online form :


Matching and visa assistance

  • Contact from MAD regarding potential matches.
  • Visa application assistance.
  • Support for families traveling to the UK.


Guidance for those in the UK looking to Sponsor

What support is available if I am considering hosting?
    We offer support at every stage of the process and we’re here for as long as needed. We provide:
  • Translation services (in Ukrainian or Russian) for communicating with your potential guests.
  • Assistance completing the visa application process. 
  • Evacuations from Eastern regions in Ukraine to Lviv. 
  • Booking and organizing flights from Poland to the UK as well as organizing transport for your guests to their airport in Poland.
  • Advice and guidance to help with all the things needed when your guests arrive in the UK. 
  • Our support goes beyond just the matching process and we like to stay in touch with both hosts and guests long after they arrive in the UK. We’re here to help with anything from practical advice about collecting documents to friendly support adjusting to life in a new country or with a new family.
How will I be matched with someone?
    When you register to host with the MAD Foundation we take the time to get to know you, your family and your home and also talk to you about the kind of person or people you think would be a great fit for you. Being the only UK matching organisation that is based in Ukraine enables us to get to know many of our potential guests personally too and identify people who are in the most need. It’s these personal relationships that help us to make the best matches. 

    When we meet someone we think would be a great fit we will contact you to tell you a little about them. If you would like to, we then arrange a video call with the potential guests. There is no commitment from either side at this stage. It’s a good chance to get to know each other and ask any questions. After meeting for the first time we always suggest everyone takes a night to sleep on the decision. After that if everyone agrees then we go ahead with the visa process.
How long will it take me to be matched with someone?
    We will be in touch very soon after you register with us. We will only ever suggest a match where we think it’s a great fit for everyone involved. Sometimes we will have someone straight away when you register with us, other times it may take a bit longer.
I live in a rural location. Can I still be a host?
    Yes! Some people prefer to live in more populated areas but we meet people from many different backgrounds and some would love to live in a more rural location. If you are worried about the suitability of your home do give us a call and we can chat to you more about this.
How long does sponsorship last?
    The Homes for Ukraine scheme asks hosts to offer a minimum term of 6 months. If both guests and hosts decide to extend after this period then hosts will continue to receive the £350 thank you payment for a further 6 months after this.
What happens if I sponsor someone and then am no longer able to host them?
    If at any point you are no longer able to host your guests (even within the first six months) please do not worry. Life can have unexpected changes and there is a process in place for this. Initially your local council will try to find a new host for your guests. If this isn’t possible then your guests will have the same rights as UK citizens to housing. This includes temporary housing if needed, access to council housing, and if they are not working they will be eligible for the housing element of Universal Credit (previously known as housing benefit) to seek a private rented option.
I have registered with the UK Government website. What should I do next?
    The UK Government website does not offer matching so registering through this does not mean you will be matched. If you would like us to help you to make a match then please register your details with us.
I have found a match but need some assistance. Can you help?
    Whatever stage you are at; we would love to support you in any way that we can. Just get in touch to let us know how we can help.