Our Partners

MAD Foundation and Operation SafeDrop partners in Poland & Ukraine

We Partner with Together For You, an organisation sourcing aid in Denmark for us to deliver across Ukraine. Their team provides:

  • High-quality aid from Denmark
  • Delivery to our Lviv warehouse for us to distribute across Ukraine

EEA International is a cooperative that specialises in providing Medical Evacuation Services around the world. We are collaborating with EEA to provide Medevac transport for those seriously injured during the war in Ukraine to specialist hospitals in Germany.

MSF (Doctors Without Borders) provide medical care to people who have been caught up in, or have been forced to flee, the fighting, providing a specialist medical evacuation train that travels across Ukraine. We are partnering with MSF to provide our medical evacuation program to Germany.

Barrier-Free Foundation provides coaches that have been converted into ambulances. We are partnering with Barrier-Free to transport up to 30 patients at a time with our medical evacuation program to Germany.

Remena Foundation is working to support families impacted by the war in Chernihiv region. The Foundation has worked to provide humanitarian aid across Chernihiv Oblast including in the most difficult days of the war during March 2022.

In addition, to aid delivery, Ramena Foundation is now working to assist rebuild efforts in Chernihiv Oblast. They are assisting families to rebuild their homes and communities to restore their assets such as schools and hospitals. We are working alongside Ramena Foundation to deliver our first rebuild projects in Chernihiv Oblast.

UK Friends of Ukraine works to improve Anglo-Ukrainian relations for businesses, stakeholders and politicians. We work with work together to organise the UK Parliamentary aid drops to Ukraine, Parliamentary delegations, City twinning as well as supporting educational projects across the two countries.

Manifest Mira works to assist the most vulnerable. Particularly children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. Based in Odesa, they support other organizations with logistics, supplies and final-mile delivery. Manifest Mira is proud to work with Operations Safe Drop. In our mutual efforts to reach people in the highest-need areas of Mykolaiv and Kherson.

Hospitable Hut is a humanitarian organisation based in Odesa that supplies food and medicine to hundreds of displaced people living in Odesa. Hospitable Hut provides us with urgently needed drugs and medical supplies for hospitals and medical centres in Mykolaiv, Kherson and across Ukraine.

We partner with UAid Direct, a UK aid organisation based in Medyka Poland, which sources aid for us to deliver across Ukraine. Their team provides:

  • High-quality aid from across Europe
  • Prioritisation of aid delivery locations
  • Aid Collection from Medyka for delivery across Ukraine 

The NEST project helps families whose housing is destroyed receive new modular houses on their land plots. The NEST initiative allows people to get a temporary mobile home for free and install it on their own property.

They focus on people whose housing is fully destroyed and provide them with their own plots so that they are ready to rebuild their homes on it. We are working alongside the NEST project as part of our commitment to the rebuild phase of Ukraine.

Partnering with KHARPP, a grassroots humanitarian relief effort based out of the Przemyśl Train Station. Their team provides:

  • Door-to-door aid delivery to families and communities in Kharkiv
  • Information and assistance to refugees arriving at the station on how to continue their travel
  • Purchasing and sending medicine and requested medical equipment for residents of Kharkiv

Our partners at Eden Aid are a UK-based organisation travelling to the Ukrainian border with aid donations. Their team provides:

  • Aid collection from across England
  • Aid delivery to the Ukrainian border where it is handed on to trusted partners.

Troy Peden, GoAbroad’s Founder, and his son Santiago initiated our presence on the ground by partnering with 2 humanitarian centres looking to safely transport vulnerable families to their relatives within Poland and into Germany. These missions set the path for Operation SafeDrop to establish a stable footing to build on and together we continue to collaborate across US and UK support networks.

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